Sunday, October 12, 2008

Live with Joy

Find joy in doing nothing and you can find it in everything.
Experience happiness without a
reason and you can create happiness for any
reason. Realize that happiness is not the result
of good things, but is indeed the cause of good
things. There is nothing you need in order to
be happy other than the choice to be.

Imagine living this day filled with joy, happiness
and positive purpose. Imagine it, then take one
more step and actually do it.

Let go of any concern you may have for what
does or does not come your way. Focus instead
on the good and valuable things that you can give,
create, inspire and choose to experience.

Don't allow the world to pull you down with its negativity.
Choose to transform the world around
you with your own positive outlook.

Real joy is always a choice you can make. Live
with joy, let happiness flow out from you, and
life becomes more radiant with each passing