Monday, August 2, 2010

Ever-Becoming You

Ever-Becoming You

You are ever-becoming you. There has not been a time
in your life, nor will there ever be, when you have been,
or will be, complete. You will never be perfect. There is
pain and joy in being fully aware of this and in applying
it to your everyday consciousness.

It is through the reality that you are constantly in the
process of ever-becoming MORE YOU that life unfolds
for you in ways that are out of your control. Flow with
that. Just flow...

Things scare us. Thing hurt us. Experiences often bring
us down. It all has purpose. It all has meaning. There IS
a reason for everything. Trust that, if nothing else.
Understand that, if nothing else.

Learn to welcome the pain that is part of "ever-becoming" you.
This pain is about growth. This pain is the guardian of your
authenticity. This pain teaches you that you Really are Strong
and that you can cope.

Often, life is like treading water. It can get tiring and feel
overwhelming. It can hurt and leave you feeling lost.
That's okay. Remember that as you tread, and are hanging
in there, life, from time to time offers us those wonderful
bright sunny days. The days when we get to take a break
from treading water are the days that life gifts us with peace.
It is on these days that we get to sail. We experience and feel joy.
We are rewarded for the work that we do in the trenches of
most of our days.

Life is a journey, not a destination. Take pride and pleasure,
even in and through your pain at the realization that you are
ever-becoming the YOU that destiny gave the gift of this life to.